We need to talk

If you really want to get a hold of me, and well don’t want the general public in on it, then feel free to send me an email.  Whether it’s a ridiculous or embarassing question about pregnancy/babies/twins/kids (that you don’t want someone you know to make fun of you for asking) or just to say hi, go ahead!  I’m no expert (although I have kept my kids alive this long!) but what you’ll definitely get is an HONEST answer.   I can’t say I’ll respond immediately, since I’ll probably be chasing one of my rugrats around, but I’ll try my best in a “timely” manner.

Oh and one more thing, I will NOT respond to Debby Downers.  Everything I post here is my personal opinion and I don’t expect you to take it personally.  Frankly I’m just trying to make myself laugh and others laugh at themselves.  Life is hard enough.  Give me a break.

Email:  cmanson@gmail.com

I love hats

I love hats


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