Tricks of the Trade

Here’s a few tricks I know in relation to pregnancy/babies/toddler/parenting.  I’ll add more as I think of them or when I come up with solutions to new problems!


  • Diaper Genie stink!  The genie is out and he does not smell good.  An air sponge in the bottom of the diaper genie will help with the smell.
  • Cradle Cap!  Yuck, so not fun BUT there is a solution that is beyond simple.  Brush or comb your kids hair.  If they lack any hair, brush their head.  Oh laugh it up but just you watch the scales fly!  If the brush is too soft it won’t work either.  You need to get some good stimulation going, a baby comb works perfect!
  • Don’t be a dink, wrap the stink!  Doggy pickup bags are alot cheaper than the diaper disposal bags AND you can get them at the $1 store……..when out in public be courteous.
  • Rattle envy!  An EMPTY pill bottle with a child safety top filled ¼ with rice is a babies favourite rattle and chewer.  It also works well as entertainment when guests come over because they think you let the baby play with Tylenol…….hehehehe
  • Teething Trouble!  Freeze prune juice or apple juice in an ice cube tray and then put in a Nuby as a teether (note:  MESSY but effective).  Wet a facecloth and throw it in the freezer for 5 minutes.  Voila!
  • Some like it hot!  A good thermos with a big lid can heat a bottle anywhere, anytime and also give you hot sterile water for cereal.  It’s also entertaining because people think you’re that tired you’re carrying a thermos of coffee and that you’re using coffee to heat bottles……hehehehe
  • Locked down!  A dog barrier gate is alot cheaper than most baby gates; just make sure you don’t use it at the top of stairs.
  • Border jumping!  If you’re from Canada but close to the United States, almost all baby items are cheaper and you don’t pay duty on groceries and only 5% on baby clothes/items…….if you’re stopped, I’ve never been stopped yet to pay duty.  Pinch your children as you’re crossing the border so they’re screaming their heads off.  It’s quite effective.
  • Cough it up!  Baby Vicks on the soles of your babies feet at bedtime will help a cough.
  • Burnin hot!  Chopped onions on the soles of your babies feet with socks on top will reduce a fever you can’t get controlled with Tylenol or Advil (I know it’s absolutely disgusting BUT it works, on adults too, I’ve had it done to myself twice, at age 24 and 31 AND it worked.  Strangely I also craved stir fry for days.).
  • Cat Scratch!  Dry skin on babies and toddlers.  They hate it, you hate it.  They love the bath, you love them in the bath BUT all that soap can dry them out, right?  So just don’t use soap everyday.  I know this seems super obvious now that you’ve read the words but many people never think of it.  So bath them but just use water.  Only use soap every 2nd or 3rd time depending on the dry skin and activity of your kid.  If they’re caked in mud, then, uh, yah, you might want to lather them up.


  • Compression stockings!  They’re sexy and you know it!  The truth is they work.  Really they do.  But they are absolutely ridiculous to get on, ESPECIALLY when you’re preggo.  So here’s a trick to get them on.  Get yourself a pair of gardening gloves with the rubber fingers/palms.  They’ll help pull those suckers up!


  • I’ll get it myself!  This is essential especially if you have a new baby or baby coming.  Get your toddler or give your toddler their own cupboard.  Make it easily accessible to them and stocked with parent approved snacks.  Crackers, applesauce, you get the idea.  Include some spoons.  Voila!  Junior can now get their own snack without driving you batty.  If you’re really prepped, get some sippy cups with water (at my house) or juice (if you’re a cool parent) ready on the bottom shelf of the fridge.  And yes, I taught my toddler how to open the fridge at the age of 2.


  • Tub Time Tutorial!  If you have one child then you probably have lots of time to teach your kids.  If you have multiple children, finding time to teach your kids the alphabet and numbers can be tough.  Step 1.  Go to your local dollar store and buy a set of foam letters and numbers.  The type where you can pop them out of a sheet.  Step 2.  Make the tub boring.  If you have lots of toys, get a net/basket/whatever and pack them up.  I’m not saying get rid of them, just don’t make them readily available.  If they want to play, they need to practice first, then they can play.  And here is the absolutely best thing about teaching in the tub…… they can’t get away! Boo-ya!

One response to “Tricks of the Trade

  1. I am a mother of four! You hit the nail on the head! Love this!

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