I think it’s sad that I even have to do this but apparently it’s recommended.


The opinions, views and advice on livintheminivandream.wordpress.com are MY own personal words and thoughts based on personal experience and are not to be associated with my employer, relatives or country.  I have no intent of offending or defaming any one individual, company,  club or group directly or indirectly.  Any comments left by comment authors is their opinion and their sole responsibility.  Any content, not already acknowledged as coming from another source, orginating from this blog that is copied elsewhere may be an infringement on copyright law and may be used against you.  Providing links or excerpts from this blog is acceptable as long as the originating content source is quoted.  If you have any issues with the content on my blog please contact me via my email listed on the WE NEED TO TALK page.


Less than perfect is my new normal


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