The Dirt

My name is Crystal.  And when I leave my house I STILL get stared out.  Seriously people, I thought it would stop once the girls got older.  WTH, it’s like no one has ever seen a flock of albino’s?  Let’s just clear it all up now:  Yes, they are mine, no they are not triplets, yes, they are twins, no, I did not have IVF, NO, they are supposedly fraternal and yes I AM BUSY.


He’s not kidding….

I live in Ontario, Canada with with my husband, our three children, and a spunky dog.  I have a degree and a diploma in Biotechnology and when I’m not caring for my children I’m doing research at Queen’s University. Because of this science background I’m very analytical about everything.  Oh and nothing is ever spoiled at my house its contaminated.

Over the past 7 years I have married, owned two houses, six different cars, 3 different dogs and had three children.  And of course two of these children decided to arrive at the same time, imagine my horror, I mean surprise.  I first met my husband Ryan in 2000 when we both attended St.Lawrence College.  We are the type of couple that don’t hold anything back, no matter who happens to be present.  And it works for us.  And logically we are called the Bickersons by friends!

Me and my hubby. The blonde genes run strong in us!

Me and my hubby.

Our kids are amazing and exhausting all at the same time.  My oldest is Dexter, aka Dex, Dexty, Dexmexter, Mr. Perfect.  He’s 6 and the sweetest kid that’s ever lived.  He loves his sisters but also likes to tease and instigate fights.  He is a natural at sports, obsessed with hockey and will make you step back or rethink a helmet if challenged to a game of anything.  Timeouts no longer exist for this charmer as both his “girls” run to his rescue with hugs!

Dexter. AKA Mr. Perfect. HE makes me want to be a better person.

Dexter. AKA Mr. Perfect. HE makes me want to be a better person.

The next are my twin girls, Violet and Hazel or “Team Scream” as they were known in their younger months.  They have recently graduated to “The Girls” having overcome their lack of communication.  They are 3 and a half and tearing my house and each other’s hair apart.  Obsessed with princesses, they can often be heard clickety clacking in their princess heels through my house.

"Team Scream" I wasn't kidding...hands down, one of my favourite pics!

“Team Scream” circa 2012….no I wasn’t kidding…hands down, one of my favourite pics!

Violet, aka Vi,  is a spit fire, refuses to listen and likes to stomp her feet when she doesn’t get her way.  She has a wild “angry” face that would strike many to stone if she wasn’t so hilarious!  She’s obsessed with small figurines and perhaps has a future as a klepto. If given a bag or purse she will fill it with anything she can find.

Miss Vi.

Miss Vi.

Hazel, aka Hazey, Zee and Zel, is a BIT more laid back, stress the BIT but is extremely stubborn.  If she makes up her mind about something she will wait you out, even if it takes 30 minutres.  She also loves small figurines, like Polly Pocket and can often been found laying on the floor playing in the dollhouse.  She also may have a future as a klepto and fills anything resembling a purse or bag with anything, including pieces of ripped paper.

Miss Zee

Miss Zee

As a woman in my twenties, ugh, THAT makes me feel old, I remember saying all the time, ” I will NEVER buy a minivan.  I hate minivans. “.  Even after my son arrived, I continued to say this, thinking I will never need one because we will NEVER have more than two children.  Right.  I thought wrong.  Because my son was not even 3 when the twins arrived there was no choice.  The only vehicle that could take three full size carseats was a Minivan.  And I’ve been Livin the Minivan nightmare, I  mean dream ever since……


Summer 2014



3 responses to “The Dirt

  1. Crystal what a great job you did on this. It made me want to cry and laugh. From your proud mother-in-law

  2. I just added you to my bookmarks. Love you guys.

  3. Since you are one of the most recent blogs to grace my reader with your presence, I nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award! See this post for more details:

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