McDonald’s versus Wendy’s. The debate is on. Kid style.

There are many bonuses to living in the country.  We have a huge lot, 3 acres actually, that includes a huge yard for our daycare-esque plethora of toys and also bush/forest area for the children to acquire ticks and burrs.  We KNOW our neighbours and by know, I don’t mean we wave sometimes, I mean it’s not uncommon for me to see my neighbour going across my yard to borrow a ladder from our garage, or calling them in the middle of the night for an emergency (like kidney stones).  And a super big bonus is that we hardly ever eat out.  When the nearest take out or restaurant is a 30 minute drive away, you find something in the fridge.  Of course there are also drawbacks to this when….there is nothing in the fridge.  Anyway, when we DO eat out, the kids go clean bonkers.  And for anyone else with small kids, you know by “eat out”, I mean one of the fast food demons.  My kids can spot a golden M from miles away.  There’s just one problem, Violet & Dexter LOVE McDonald’s and Hazel LOVES Wendy’s.  The fighting has become so intense sometimes that I just give up and drive to both and they eat on the fly, in the van.  I know, mother of the year.  Hey, I’m usually on my way to buy $500 worth of groceries at Costco, time is of the essence.

Please enjoy this video of the usual debate.  I’d like to add that we did not even eat out this day.  We just happened to drive by a McDonalds.  Do you know how many McDonalds and Wendy’s there are?  TOO MANY.


2 responses to “McDonald’s versus Wendy’s. The debate is on. Kid style.

  1. We live far out as well and the kids do get very excited about the golden arches. This is great. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Classic argument but I’d have to say I’m with Miss Zee on this one. Wendy’s for sure Hazel!!! 🙂

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