Head Lice Race = Punch in the head

Head lice.  Every parent cringes at the thought of these annoying little vermin.  However the reality is that they are actually pretty common.  Unfortunately for BOTH my sisters that reality is all too real.  All their children attend the same school and they each have a child that is in a class with a “carrier” or should I say a child whose parents are not evicting the vermin.  Unfortunately for our household one such infestation happened A DAY after we were there visiting for several hours for a birthday party.  Enter head lice checks.

What I remember of head lice checks was the tickle of toothpicks going through my hair…..and frankly….I LOVED IT.  Apparently I was some weirdo because to my pre-schoolers it’s like some foreign form of torture.  The first couple of days was an all-out war of holding down by 2 people, one with a flashlight.  After 2 “episodes” of this I decided perhaps I’ll take a different approach.

A "get along" day when they met Elsa!

A “get along” day meeting Elsa!

Siblings are competitive by nature.  When it comes to twins, this reaches a whole new level.  For those that know my girls, they know that if there was a piece of poop on the floor and I told them that only ONE of them could have it, it would result in a cat fight.  And so this is how Violet punched Hazel in the head.

I had the bright idea that I would make the head lice check “a race”.  This is an example of how quickly things can escalate.  I sat down on the couch, placed a blanket on the floor in front of me and yelled to the girls playing in the next room “Hey, Who wants to get their head checked first for bugs!!”  There was a scurry of motion and Hazel came flying through the door first, she did a stellar first base slide into the blanket and clapped.  About 2 seconds behind her came Violet…as she saw Hazel hit the blanket, her face changed into a mask of rage…..she rushed forward and before I could stop her, she punched Hazel twice in the head.  Wap, wap!  Ahhhhhhh!  I grabbed her wrist before she got in a third.  As Hazel bawled, I hauled Violet to her room.  Where Violet proceeded to scream, thrash, kick and punch the wall like a lunatic for 20 minutes.  Ever the optimist though, I managed to calm Hazel down AND check her for head lice during that time.

After 20 minutes, Violet exited her room, red faced but like nothing had happened and as sweet as pie, said “Ok, I’m ready.”

I am moving out when they turn 13.

Sweet.  Innocent.  Boxer.

Sweet. Innocent. Boxer.


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