Nothing says, Good Morning!……Like a slap in the face

I found this old story from my blog drafts and decided to share.  It’s an oldy (18 months ago maybe) but a goody.

Mornings at our house are pandemonium.  My husband and I both work, so dragging the kids out of bed is our way of life.  I refuse to complain here that our children are NOT early risers.  Yes, that’s right, our kids like to sleep in.  And when I say sleep in, I mean 7:30am.  For those with small children they know that really IS sleeping in.  Go ahead, hate me, just as I hate those parents with children that nap (mine quit at 18months).  Yes, our feelings are mutual.  Anyway I digress; the point here is that we try EVERYTHING to get them up.  Normally my husband does most of the waking but I often arrive to help when things get hairy.

photo 1 (7)

3 kinds of crazy

It was a typical morning and as usual my husband had my son up and dressed and was in trying to get our two girlies out of bed.  On this particular morning, Dexter had decided he was going to try and help and the pair of them were cheering the girls on, like a race!  I could hear from our the other room my husband shouting, who’s it gonna be!?  Who’s it gonna be!?  And they had each picked a girl to cheer on, Dad on team Hazel and Dexter on team Violet.  I thought they sounded so cute, I decided to go in to watch.  Just as Hazel jumped out of bed and Ryan started cheering loudly and giving high fives.  Suddenly Dexter turned and slapped Ryan across the face.  Hard………….Silence.  Ryan.  Stunned.  Me.  Also stunned.  Then Dexter in a very upset shaky little voice said “Daddy, that was SO MEAN and Violet was trying so hard”.  I could see Ryan beginning to recover and by beginning to recover I mean turning red and steam was beginning to blow out his ears.

I quickly stepped in to say “Dexter!  You can’t slap your Dad like that!  And actually you shouldn’t hit ANYBODY.”  There were a few seconds of contemplation and then just like that Dex recovered, Ryan simmered and they all pranced off to breakfast.

Did I mention it wasn’t even 7am yet?

photo 2 (6)

Don’t mess with my sisters!


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