I’m backkkkkk

Ok, so taking on two jobs probably wasn’t a good idea…..The good news is the second job is done for now. Yay! The even better news is that I found a WordPress app!!! Hooray!
As a maiden app testing voyage, I will simply share an event from my evening tonight.

Both my sisters have been hit with the dreaded head lice in their house. And of course we were JUST visiting 2 days pre crawler confirmation.
Tonight when I said, ok girls! Who wants to get checked for lice first? It erupted into an all out war of screaming and scrambling. Who knew head lice checks were so fun?

Violet won. And by won, I mean she punched her sister in the head twice and then spent 15 minutes in her room screaming like a lunatic.

My girls will fight over anything. If I said there’s a piece of poop on the floor and only one can have it, they would fight over it. Is it a twin thing or a sibling thing?

She’s cute, she’s funny, she’s willing to punch you in the head for a head lice check…


One response to “I’m backkkkkk

  1. Looks good crystal and let me tell ya checking their heads was not fun lots of screaming n crying basic torture really…. Not fun hope you guys font get it and FYI Kate and u have tgd flu. Stellar day here at the mansons lol

    Good post! Always entertaining! 🙂

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