You might be a Family of 5 or more if……

When I had only my singleton son, I didn’t really notice how things were setup for families.  Maybe because it was only for a couple of years but then after I had the twins something became very clear.  Things are generally not setup for families of more than 4.  They just aren’t.  Restaurants, hotels, grocery stores…..So I’ve had a bit of a learning curve, if you’re new to the club, please let me get you up to speed, if you’re in the club, well, then ENJOY  😉

And then there were 3!

And then there were 3!


You lie while booking hotel rooms and pretend you only have 2 children

You steal chairs at restaurants from other tables angering fellow patrons

You regularly call the wrong child by a sibling’s name

You can’t find a babysitter capable of watching all your children

You drive a minivan, SUV, truck or any other bus like vehicle

You curse family 4 packs of tickets to amusement parks, zoo’s, museum’s, concerts……..


They may have sent us over the 4 pack but they are extremely adorable……makes up for it…….most of the time….

You get angry when you see the words “family pack”….on anything

You can’t tell some of your children apart from behind

You don’t remember life without diapers, it’s been 6 years or more

You have to split the kids between both sets of grandparents for “sleepovers”

Bath time is like an assembly line

Having 1 child at a time feels weird and lonely but liberating

You’ve pushed a double stroller AND wore a baby carrier

Because 3 children weren't enough.....we got a dog too!  She "completes" the chaos

Because 3 children wasn’t enough…..we got a dog too! She “completes” us and the kids love her

You know and realized quickly that triple strollers are NOT practical

You had to purchase a larger dining table to accommodate all the boosters, high chairs and children

Your yard looks like a daycare centre

You use two grocery carts, one to transport your children and one for the groceries

You had to quit your job to manage the “household”

You haven’t slept more than 4 hours in years

You’ve been asked “Are they all yours?”

Your children have to share bedrooms

Fruit seemingly vaporizes as it enters the house

You have a Costco or Sam’s club card, AND YOU USE IT…..ALOT

And the number one sign is……………….You receive gigantic bear hugs from multiple sets of arms that literally knock you down and YOU LOVE IT!!

They might be a bit goofy but I think we'll keep them! ;)

They might be a bit goofy but I think we’ll keep them! 😉


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  1. I nominated you for the Liebster Award! You may not have a lot of followers, but this one still thinks your blog is pretty special. Check out this post for more details:

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