What day is it? Did I brush my teeth? Where am I?

I work 4 days a week at an extremely demanding job.  When I say demanding, I mean it’s a 7 day a week job that I squeeze into 4.  When I’m not there, I have someone do my work, so I have to plan AND make (reagents, I’m a scientist nerd) everything ahead (including Saturdays and Sundays, yes I am also there every weekend for at least an hour each day OR have someone else, blah,blah, you get the picture).


This is me being all nerdy and stuff at work….I totally don’t look like this normally at work, think pony and disheveled, I was VERY aware my pic was going to be taken!

AND I have 3 children, one in school and two 2 year olds terrorizing my house.

Every day feels like a marathon.  From the time I get up its go, go, go.  Work, school, daycare, swimming, skating, gymnastics, doctor, dentist, parent council, church, birthday parties… .And we’re only just beginning!  Heaven help us once the girls get in school!!! AHHH!  So, there are two main things that I do, and they work for me.  One, I’ve been doing for quite a long time and the other is iPhone related.

First. I label everything with an “open/made” date (this is the scientist in me, yes I also refer to things as contaminated not “spoiled”, same diff).  This may seem ridiculous BUT when u r super busy and don’t even know what day it is….I’m pretty sure you are going to have no idea when you made that macaroni.  Or opened that yogurt or crackers or cereal.  Get yourself a kickass black sharpie (and don’t cheap out, get a damned sharpie) and some painters tape (again don’t cheap out because the cheap stuff doesn’t stick to anything at room temp, forget the fridge).  If it’s disposable packaging, write right on that sucker with the sharpie.  If it’s your fave Tupperware, slap a piece of painters tape on it and write on that, it will peel off super easy for washing!  Hurray!


This totally works!!

Second.  Use technology at your disposal (if you have it of course).  My husband and I both got iPhones this past February and once I figured out how to answer calls…zeesh!  Who knew swiping could be so confusing?!?!?  We entered the world of apps!  Hooray!  And there is one particular app that is AWESOME!!!!  It’s called SimplyUs.  It is basically a scheduler , calendar, grocery list, shopping list, reminder/PERSONAL ASSISTANT.  But, the best part?  It coordinates BOTH our phones.  So, when my husband enters something on his calendar or grocery list, it pings to my phone!!  LOVE it.  Gone are the days of, if it’s not on the list….that’s on the fridge….that I forgot at home…. I’m not getting it!  And you can also have 2 reminders added, phew, thank you!  No more double booking or forgetting the salad for that potluck.  And it can be fun too.  My favourite thing to add to our shopping list is 1 MILLION DOLLARS.  The first time I did it, my husband called saying, uh what?  You’re an idiot.  And I say, as always, yes but I’m YOUR idiot.


Home page shot of SimplyUs. AMAZE

And I will leave you with one word to live by as a working mom.  CROCKPOT.  The end.


These are the signs above my head at work…yes, that’s a cat with a melon on its head and a real housewife and some “motivational” ecards….


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