My house is a disaster because I’m a good mother

I used to have a spotless house.  Ok, maybe not spotless (well my friend would likely say that my bathroom was and still is, I’m a bit obsessive there) but it was quite clean and orderly.  I vacuumed at least 2-3 times a week, bathrooms cleaned every week.  Laundry done, put away.  Counters and dishes cleaned up immediately after eating or prepping.  You get the idea.  Then, I had kids.  After my son, it wasn’t too bad, I still managed somewhat.  Then, I had twins AND a 3 year old.  Enter disheveled house.  I tried like hell to keep up and nearly killed myself.  Then I stopped and realized that the time I spent cleaning the bathroom could be spent reading with my kids, playing with the kids, LOVING my kids.  And yes, don’t worry it still does get cleaned occasionally.  But  to get a true idea of the time that you are wasting I compiled an equivalents list of what I could do and what I’ve decided/ been coerced to do….

This is how my living room looks like now.  Permanently.  I've given up.

This is what my living room looks like now. Permanently. I’ve given up.

Clean the bathroom = Read 3 books, then chase your kids around pretending to be the dragon in the book

Clean the bathroom = dust the back of the toilet then spend the next 10 mins in a water fight because the kids are insisting on “brushing” their teeth

Wash the dishes = End up using the tea towel as a cape and get tea towels for everyone and pretend you are superheroes or planes

Put away laundry = end up in a laundry fight with laundry all over the bedroom with the radio blasting on your alarm clock and end up building a fort with the comforter off your bed and using the flashlight in the nightstand to make shadow puppets

Put away laundry = dump laundry on bed and proceed to convert laundry basket into race car and break your back racing the kids all over the house

Vacuum = try dragging the vacuum around while the kids ride it but give up and pretend that it is indeed an elephant and you are providing elephant rides.

Vacuum = you start but put it down for 5 seconds to pick up a toy and it gets dragged away by toddlers so you give up and try to put away laundry (see above)

Dust = wipe one end table, put the rag down for 5 seconds and it’s swiped by a toddler and wore as a kerchief, after 5 mins of chasing you give up and try to vaccum instead (see above)

The sign is located in the entryway of my house....

This sign is located in the entryway of my house….

Someday the toys will disappear and the cries of Mommy will quiet.  Enjoy them while they last.  I don’t plan on remembering the mess, I plan on remembering the moments.


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