Sleep Deprivation: It does NOT do the brain good

Ok.  First I’ll apologize for my absence.  I returned to work 4 weeks ago.  WHAT?  Yes, I need my head checked.  Back to work and still trying to take care of 3 children (all age 4 and under) AND the husband don’t forget (really the most work) AND still make meals, do laundry and clean my house.  HAHAHA!  Clean my house.  Anyway, just because I’m back at work does not mean my children have miraculously started sleeping all night every night, in fact I think the sleep deprivation has become worse.

These are some of the stellar moments  my husband and I have had…….so far…..

  • Ground pepper into a pot of water I was boiling to make pasta, instead of salt
  • Put everything in the van including the children, got in the driver’s seat and had no keys and the house was locked
  • The phone was ringing and I tried to answer it with the TV remote
  • Set the alarm to get up for work on the weekend
  • Poured formula into a sippy cup for my 4 year old
  • Put the recycling out on Saturday
  • Changed my child’s bum, put their pants back on and forgot the diaper
  • Went to the grocery store for milk and got everything BUT milk
  • Put away a bag of cheerios in the microwave
  • Went to town in the middle of winter and realized I had no socks on
  • Wore my shirt inside out all day and didn’t notice until I took it off that night
  • Got mascara on one eye but not the other, became distracted and didn’t notice until 3 hours later
  • Almost, as in hand on the pump, used hand soap as toothpaste
  • Tried to put one of the babies hats on my toddler while he gave me the most bizarre look
  • Kept trying to put the lid on the toddler puffs until I realized it already had a lid on it
  • Mistakenly thought a teddy bear was my child and actually picked it up and cuddled it (middle of the night I’d like to add)
  • Kept trying to give the wrong baby a soother, who never takes one
  • Tried to put the lid of the baby toothpaste on the baby toothbrush and actually became frustrated
  • Tried to put…..
    • The coffee pot in the fridge
    • A box of cereal in the fridge
    • The toaster in the fridge
    • Peanut butter in the fridge….seriously what’s with the fridge?

I’m sure there will be many more moments to follow but I’m hoping they become less.  Right?  RIGHT?

Dex giving me the gears. Mommy! What are you doing?!


One response to “Sleep Deprivation: It does NOT do the brain good

  1. lol! Ya. What is it with leaving/finding things in the fridge?! I’ve found some pretty crazy stuff in the fridge freezer…usually the TV remote seems to be the most common! Glad I’m not the only one this happens to but sometimes I think the craziness is just in our genes. lol!

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