New baby? Yes? Then you know exactly what I mean…..

Things you DON’T hear the parent of a new baby say…..

  • Boy that was the best sleep I ever had
  • Please let ME change her diaper this time
  • No, please don’t drop off any free meals
  • We have too many diapers
  • This bucket car seat is so light
  • I love smelling like spit-up
  • I feel great
  • My house is so clean
  • It’s so easy to pack the baby up and go visit other people
  • My pants are too big
  • I love doing laundry
  • Let’s make plans this weekend
  • I wish we’d had twins

Things you DO hear the parent of a new baby say……

  • I need a drink
  • I smell poop
  • Let’s just get take-out
  • When did I shower last?
  • When did we bath the baby last?
  • I think I just fell asleep sitting up
  • I have poop on me
  • All my shirts have puke stains
  • How can she be hungry again?
  • Did I eat lunch?
  • I love coffee
  • What day is it?
  • I think there’s puke in my hair
  • Thank God we didn’t have twins

Newby Hazel hanging out. Sniff, sniff, what's that I smell? I think someone has a present!


3 responses to “New baby? Yes? Then you know exactly what I mean…..

  1. Hilarious. And everso true. I knew I had reached a low point on the day Alice projectile pooped (which was not uncommon), got a bit on me, and I just wiped it off and didn’t change clothes. G-R-O-S-S. But I was so, so tired… Good luck! It gets better… eventually!

  2. Haha dont forget the most important… Don’t say: I wish they would wake up soon. I’m bored. You will hear: Their sleep?YES(wait let me make sure their in a deep sleep before putting them down).Now I can finally get some cleaning done! I have to much to do! lol

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