You might be the parent of twins…..

Almost everyone I know has heard the jokes by Jeff Foxworthy…..You might be a redneck if……I have decided to put a little spin on this joke but have altered it slightly because…….You might be the parent of twins if……

  • You plan your grocery shopping based on stores that have double carts
  • You disagree completely that having a newborn and a 1 year old is NOT LIKE HAVING TWINS
  • You’ve allowed complete strangers to hold onto your children so they’ll stop screaming
  • You’ve changed your baby in the trunk so you didn’t have to lug everyone back inside (this could almost be a redneck one as well…..)
  • You’ve never bought diapers, formula or baby food without a coupon
  • You have changed 25 diapers in a single day and you don’t work at a daycare or nursing home
  • You only go to stroller accessible stores and services
  • You’ve wanted to (but didn’t of course!) punch a singleton parent in the face for complaining about “how hard” it is with A newborn baby
  • You get stared at constantly when you go out in public and it’s in no relation to what you are doing or wearing
  • You’ve been asked extremely inappropriate questions by complete strangers
  • You’ve breastfed 2 babies, at the same time and ate your lunch
  • You’ve fed 2 babies a bottle, at the same time, by yourself and ate your lunch
  • You can carry 2 bucket car seats, a diaper bag, a bottle bag and your purse all at the same time
  • You’ve had to brush your teeth and yell at your kids to stay out of the bathroom garbage and stop chewing on your hairspray, at the SAME TIME
  • You’ve painted your infant’s toenails so you can tell them apart from their sibling
  • You’ve said the statement “Yes, they’re twins” at least a thousand times
  • You’ve laughed, you’ve cried, you’ve almost thrown them out on the lawn

Violet & Hazel helping to do dishes. And yes, they're twins...what gave it away?


3 responses to “You might be the parent of twins…..

  1. So true. Your girls are cuties!

  2. Thanks! We’re already getting worried for the teenage years!

  3. Your take on having twins is hilarious! I love that you have such a good sense of humor about it. You are an amazing mom 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

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