How I really want to respond when asked……“Are they twins?”

You couldn’t even imagine how many times I’ve been asked this question, well unless you have your own set, then you know too.  I don’t even want to imagine people with triplets or more.  You probably just call a press conference everywhere you go to explain the situation.  Everyone remain calm.  There are multiple cute babies, made by the same woman, at the same time, about to enter the store……..These are a few responses I daydream about……

  • No, triplets.  I left the other one in the van, better get going.
  • No, they’re actually 2 years apart.  Why?  Do you think I should be worried!??!
  • No, I borrowed this one because I really like to have a back-up.  I work in IT.
  • No, I found this one in the parking lot, isn’t she cute?
  • No, I run a shelter for strays.
  • I don’t know, they’re not mine.  Some frazzled looking lady asked me to watch them…..
  • No.  Why?  Do you think they look alike?!?!
  • What?!  Where did that other kid come from?!?  That’s it.  No more cookies in the stroller.
  • Yes.  Do you want one?  It appears I have an extra.
  • Yes, but that one’s for sale.  She was up all night last night.
  • Yes.  And no, “fun” is not the first word I would use.
  • Yes.  And no, I did not have IVF and there are absolutely no twins in my family.  Just call me “Fertile Myrtle”.
  • Yes.  It was quite the process involving a turkey baster and some dirty magazines, every morning we had to……..Wait!  Where are you going??????

How I really respond….

  • Yes.  This is “Team Scream”.  If you hang around long enough they’ll prove it to you.

Hazel, Mom & Violet. I know it is really hard not to draw attention when we're all so darn cute!



One response to “How I really want to respond when asked……“Are they twins?”

  1. My favourite answer that I do not use all the time is this one: there was a buy one get one free special so we got two!!

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