I sleep, we sleep, my baby refuses to sleep…..

Sleep.  Oh, sweet, wonderful sleep.  Every parent knows what a lack of sleep can do to you.  And let’s all admit it, it’s not pretty.  Who knew you’d be so out of it that you’d mistake a stuffed bear for your child (only happened twice, give me a break).  But every new parent craves sleep like a kid craves ice cream. So when your baby starts sleeping through the night it’s like you’ve won the lottery.

1 day old Violet & Hazel. At this point they liked to sleep. Well, some. Then they "came into their own".......

The books give you this “range”.  Generally around 2-4 months but every baby is different or should I say difficult.  And that doesn’t mean junior is sleeping 12 hours, they’re talking 6 hours in a row.  So they’re still gonna be up at 2 am, UGH.  If you’re one of the lucky ones, they might do it right from the start (you guys suck, I’ve got some choice words for you) or they might not do it until they’re a year old or even TWO years old (BRUTAL).  But at some point they WILL do it.  I swear they will.  And well your reaction will probably be much different than you expected, you’ve been waiting for this moment for so long (for most people) and it’s finally here!!  This is how my moment went both times and generally is for most parents……if they’ll admit it.

You wake up and it’s 5am……WTF.  You last fed them at 9pm.  Shit.  You immediately roll over and wake up your husband/boyfriend/partner and say “It’s 5am.  Go check on the baby.”  Why?  It’s not because you’re thinking, holy shit!  They slept through the night!  No, no, you’re thinking, OMG, they’re dead.  Oh laugh it up!  But just wait until it happens to you and you’ll realize exactly what I mean.  All those articles of SIDs are flashing through your mind!!  It’s the longest 2 minutes of your life.  But oh wait, there’s hubby again and he seems calm, phew!  He says they seem fine.  Yah ok, he probably just stuck his head in the room, man guys are lazy, right?  So of course you go in yourself and check on the little devil and sure enough they’re fine.  But just to make sure you’ll hold one hand on their tummy/back to check for breathing, yep still breathing.  Hmmm, well I better make sure, I’ll just give them a nudge to make sure they still move and…….oh shit, you’ll wake them up.  Crap, I bet I could have got another hour!  Head slap!  Oh and don’t forget they probably won’t do it the following night, that would be too easy.

Dexter tucked in with his "snuggies".


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