“Stop and Gawk”

This sounds familiar to you because you’ve probably heard it referred to as a “Stop and Talk”.  I miss the normal version.  You know, where you run into someone you know and you stop and have a little chat, so nice!  Those sometimes happen still but I deal with its ugly stepsister on a daily basis.  THE “Stop and Gawk”.  To be honest I don’t really understand how I managed to hit the status of “Stop and Gawk”.  I only have three children.  THREE.  Not eight or even nineteen (p.s. Michelle Duggar needs an award).  Three.  And I thought three kids are quite common.  So what’s the big deal?  Yes, two of them came at the same time and yes, the oldest is only 3 but really?  Do you need to crank your head around so bad that you ram your cart into that display of toilet paper?  Or jab who you’re with so hard they actually yell out?  Or just stand and “Gawk” at me and block people from getting through?

I used to be able to go grocery shopping within 30 minutes, in and out.  That was even possible with my son as a baby (and he was also damned cute I’d like to add).  That time has passed.  I am NOT joking when I say that I am stopped about every 3 minutes in a grocery store.  You say NO!  There is no way but there is, I live it.  That’s 20 times in 1 hour.  I am extremely proud of my children.  Yes, they are absolutely adorable!  I completely agree with you BUT guess what else I agree with?  YES, I AM EXTREMELY BUSY (because you have probably just said, wow, you must be busy or wow, your hands are full or wow, how do you do it?).  So do you think that I have time to stop and talk to someone every 3 minutes?????

In the beginning when the twins were only a couple of months old I would stop and talk to many people.  Then I started avoiding eye contact and now I will literally go down an empty aisle to avoid someone that I see has stopped and is gawking at me.  Sometimes it’s unavoidable and so I try my best to steer around the gawker but they’ve become smart and stealthy.  They will actually now block my path!  ESPECIALLY if the twins are in the stroller.  It’s like an open invitation, is there a sign on the front that says “Please stop us”???  And yes they’re twins.  What the hell do you think they are!??!?  Is this question even necessary?!?!  They are dressed the same, look the same and are the same size.  No, it’s actually my niece and I just like to dress her up the same……..!??!  So, I apologize if you have been #20 on my stops while grocery shopping and you thought I was rude BUT if I didn’t make eye contact and tried to steer around you, now do you understand?  I’m just trying to get out of there before one of us has a meltdown and yes I’m including me.

Dexter, myself and "Team Scream" at the park. And yes, not even the squirrels would leave us alone.....


2 responses to ““Stop and Gawk”

  1. I had to respond to this as a twin Mama myself. How many times can you really hear “You must have your hands full!” Why do people insist on making comments? I have learned to walk fast, smile and grit my teeth A LOT! 🙂

  2. HAHA! Yes, I never thought it would be so different than a singleton baby. I keep trying to think if I did the same to people with twins before I had my own twins??!? I’m really hoping I didn’t!!!! And I have a friend with twins who responds to the hands full comment with……better full than empty!

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