Crying is just another form of breathing…

I remember when my son was first born.  Oh those were the days.  I was so paranoid that I couldn’t even take a shower without being able to hear him.  I’d take the baby monitor in with me to the shower.  You know, just in case, and if he started to cry, well holy hell.  I was out of that shower faster than Ben Johnson on steroids, soap covered and all!

Then the twins arrived.

Team Scream. Violet & Hazel, 1 month old.

If I couldn’t hear them I thought, Oh hallelujah, they’re maybe asleep.  And if they were crying, well I thought, they’re still breathing!  If they can scream, they can breathe.  They’ll be fine for another 3 mintues while I rinse the soap off.  Oh relax.  If they were choking I’d be outta there faster than Trump on a dollar bill.  Some will read this and think, OMG, that woman is terrible.  These people also either have only one child, a Nanny or ALOT of help.  I had none of these.  So if I wanted to be clean, screaming was just the radio in my shower.  Maybe not the best station but it’s always been reliable and clear, never any static.  Funny that.


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